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Since We Last – Update

The picture has been locked on Since We Last (dir. Ben Grady), a short I filmed at the end of last year. The music is being composed, then there’s just the sound design to be done before it’s ready to be released into the big bad world! I have only seen a rough cut, so very much looking forward to seeing the final version.

A Monologue And An iPhone

As I was tidying up the files on my hard drive I came across a very short short that was written and shot (on an iPhone) by Mike Carter, a writer friend of mine. It was a spur of the moment thing shot in a few hours on a cold and crisp morning in Brockley Park a few years ago. I’m still pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Dream Bingo Ad

An advert I shot for Dream Bingo, an online bingo company, back in 2011 is on TV again. It was a quick, easy and fun shoot (except that I had to sip coffee, which I do not like!), and it turned out to be a great ad that they keep coming back to year after year.